Denver Bike Sharing Reaches 100,000 Trip Mark! For 2012


Denver B-cycle Reaches 100,000-Trip Milestone Nearly Three Weeks Faster Than 2011

DENVER – Friday, July 12, 2012 – Today, Denver B-cycle announced that the 100,000th B-cycle ride of the 2012 season was taken on Saturday, July 7-nearly three weeks ahead of the pace set by B-cycle riders in 2011.

The 100,000th ride was a B-cycle checked out of the station at 3rd and Milwaukee near Cherry Creek at 2:25 p.m by Sara Dumford, a Denver B-cycle Annual Member (see photo below).

“From the opening week of the season in March we’ve seen a strong surge of interest in B-Cycle usage and it really hasn’t let up,” said Parry Burnap, Executive Director of Denver Bike Sharing. “We are averaging a healthy pace of 850 check-outs per day, giving users a climate-friendly, healthy and affordable way to get around town.”

Last year, the 100,000th ride was taken on July 25th. In 2010, the inaugural year for the shared-bike system, the 100,000th ride was taken in September.

Sara Dumford, was taking in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and B-cycled to the library when she took the 100,00th trip. Sara B-cycles because “It’s convenient, relaxing and energizing at the same time. I feel more a part of the culture of the city when I am biking around to run errands and see friends. Of course, it’s good exercise, saving money on parking and gas, it’s cool – the bikes are hip, I’ve even changed places I go to lunch/dinner to be close to a station.” As a thanks for taking the 100,000th ride Sara will be given a free helmet and a Denver B-cycle T-shirt made from sustainable fabric that includes artwork donated by designer Andrew Hoffman. Denver B-cycle will also feature the rider’s face on the basket plates of a B-cycle for the remainder of 2012.

“It’s fitting that the 100,000th ride was taken by an annual member,” added Burnap. “Our membership base is growing, dedicated and, as a group, are very active users. They know a deal when they see one. We’ve found that trying the system once or twice is all it takes to realize how easy it is use-and the word seems to be spreading.”

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Sara Dumford on a Denver B-cycle. Photo credit: Mark Stevens.2012 100,000th Rider


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