Summer Outdoor Retailer 2013 Review

Most Exhibitors had a good show despite the fact many slept on floors

Summer Outdoor Retailer 2013 is over. Overall attendance was down (no matter what the reports) but the majority of exhibitors I talked to had a good show. Some a great show.

It does not matter how many people attend, as long as the right people attend.

Attendance did jump around 4:30 Pm every day when the free beer would flow. It was sort of comical to be standing in an empty aisle and see the aisle fill up slowly, all with people holding beer.

New Stuff

GCI Outdoors

Ever thought you would take a rocking chair with you. GCI Outdoors Figured it out.


The rocker rests on a flat base and works off a pivot. The control is based on two shock absorbers on the back. It was very comfortable, and hard to get out of. You sat down and started to rock and relax!


The Thule booth looked like it belonged at Interbike. Besides a lot of bike accessory bags Thule had 2 new bike “boxes.” Both used an integrated bike stand to hold the bike. When you got to your destination you could pull out the stand and use it to put your bike together and tune your bike.


Mountaineers Books

Mountaineers Books had a display of the Legends and Lore series. If you can read and love great mountaineering literature pick up these books. Mountaineers has grabbed and republished some of the greatest books of our time.


Mad Water

Mad Water has a waterproof bag that zips. I’ve owned one for a year and fell in love with it. The zipper is tight and tough but not so tough you are worried about tearing the bag apart. The bags also have a purge value which makes getting the air out easy. Right now the bags with zippers are small but the line is getting bigger.



Ever heard of Rola? Me either but one thing caught my eye, their hitch mount. Every state has a law that says anything extending beyond the back of the taillights by more than 36 inches must have a light or a red flag. All those bike racks, cages, boxes, etc., except this one will set you up for a ticket. Rola integrated taillights into their box. Really smart move.

I suspect a lot more people are going to know Rola in the future.



Sawyer has done it again. Sawyer was the first company to make a water filter using kidney dialysis technology. Nothing is a smooth, slick or safe as Sawyer’s filters. They have a new filter that is smaller and even easier to use. It will wear out after 100000 gallons…..


The beautiful girl does not come with the filter. You are on your own for that.

Blue Ridge Chair Works

The best item at the show for those of us more attuned to football and beer, or softball and beer, or just beer. Blue Ridge Chair Works has integrated a bottle opening on the bottom side of their chair seats. Sit in a very comfortable chair, reach under the seat and your beer is open. Slick. I have one of the older models which is too comfortable. I got a hand held model….bottle opener.


Here are some other things which I’m not sure how to comment on……

Float down the river or on the lake and relax…


Rowing frame for SUP’s that moves your feet not your butt?


Over all a good show if you had a hotel room. If you did not, the show was a nightmare. But then any time you are in Utah and part of the outdoor recreation industry you are not sure how the world turns backwards.

Support the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to help offset Outdoor Retailer putting money into the pockets of people opposed to outdoor recreation.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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