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Ice Climbing News


Experience the thrill of the Speed Duel during UIAA Ice Climbing World Championship (Speed) in Kirov, Russia

3 March 2015, BERN – Switzerland: The thrill of the Speed duel comes alive this weekend (6-8 March 2015) during the UIAA Ice Climbing World Speed Championship in Kirov, Russia presented by The North Face Korea.

Once every two years athletes on the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour compete for the title of “World Champion” and the opportunity to called the fastest ice climber in the world is a coveted title for athletes who gather in Kirov, Russia for the UIAA Ice Climbing World Speed Championship.

The Speed Wall in Kirov, Russia

“Watching a Speed duel, and especially in Kirov, Russia, is something that is unique, spectacular and worth experiencing,” said UIAA Ice Climbing President Urs Stoecker. “This is one event not to be missed.”

The sight of ice climbers powering their way up an ice wall, ice flying, with picks and crampons will be available through live streaming at the www.iceclimbingworldcup.org

Located about 1,000 kilometers northeast of Moscow, Kirov is considered the home of competitive ice climbing in Russia and boasts a spectacular Speed wall situated against the backdrop of a ski jump.

The UIAA World Speed Championship competition in Kirov, Russia will see the likes of Vladimir Kartashev and Ekaterina Feoktistova of Russia compete with athletes from around the world such as Kendra Stritch from the U.S.A., Yann Gerome of France and Samuel Clavien from Switzerland.

Kartashev, Feoktistova, Gerome and Stritch will be joined by competitors from countries such as Ukraine, Switzerland, Mongolia, South Korea, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Canada and Azerbaijan in Russia.

UIAA Speed demons (Photo: David Schweizer for UIAA)

Earlier this year in February, Rabenstein (Italy) held 2015 World Championships in Lead (difficulty). That competition was one by WoonSeon Shin of Korea and Maxim Tomilov of Russia.

Please click here for the full event schedule

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About the UIAA

The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation was founded in 1932 and has a global presence on five continents with 82 member associations in 63 countries representing more than 3 million people. The organization’s mission is to promote the growth and protection of climbing and mountaineering worldwide, advance safe and ethical climbing and mountaineering practices and promote responsible access, culture and environmental protection in mountains. The organization operates through the work of its commissions that make recommendations, set policy and advocate on behalf of the climbing and mountaineering community. The UIAA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee for climbing and mountaineering.


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