Colorado Safe Routes to Schools Bill in Danger: Need your Help ASAP



Colorado Safe Routes to School in Danger

Safe Routes to SchoolPlease call or email your state senator TODAY and ask them to support House Bill 1003—Safe Routes to School. If the bill does not pass the Colorado Senate, the Safe Routes to School program will die.

We just received notice that the first Senate vote could be as soon as Wednesday. The legislative session ends in just one week and each vote is critical.

Now is the time for every Colorado Senator to hear that child safety and health is important to Colorado. Please ask them to stand up and support safe routes to school.

STEP 1: Find your Senate district

Find your Colorado Senate District Number by entering your home address at Select your Colorado State Senator to see their phone and email.

STEP 2: Call or email your State Senator

Ask them to please support House Bill 1003-Safe Routes to School. Briefly share why you think children’s safety and health are important and include your address. More info here. Even if it is after hours, you can still call and leave a voice mail.

STEP 3: Ask your friends and family to call

We don’t issue action alerts unless it really matters. Will you please take a minute to send an email or place a call? Without this bill, the statewide safe routes to school program will come to an end. Your call can help change that.

Check the latest status and learn more about the bill.

Thank you for your help!

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