You guys confuse me.

I’ll write a post and think this is great, thinking it will get tons of readers and it doesn’t. The other day I wrote post that I thought was sort of OK, but not great, and it got the largest readership ever.

The post Monday, April 27 was one of the most earth shattering decisions in outdoor recreation in over a decade. Yet it received almost 20% less hits then the week before.  You all have indemnification clauses in your release and to date they have all been nullified by the court. Now there is a decisions that supports indemnification clauses with great legal language.

I need to know more about you. If I am to write what you need to know, and want to know, I need to know more about you.  I’m developing a Friday Poll.  Every Friday, for awhile, (or until I’m so confused I don’t know what I’m doing). I’m going to ask a question or two about you. You won’t get anything for answering except hopefully, posts that you want.

Here is the first one. Please answer so I know more about you.




One Comment on “You guys confuse me.”

  1. Carol says:

    That post was GREAT! And posts like that one are why I continue to read your blog. Please don’t stop posting on interesting new case law, especially on releases!!


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