Want to make more money in retail? Then tell your clients that what helmet they purchase will affect their head. Spend more money, usually, and get more protection

Want to make more money in retail? Then tell your clients that what helmet they purchase will affect their head. Spend more money, usually, and get more protection

I am dismayed that some manufacturers, and many retailers sell helmets on price. A study recently showed that two helmets that both passed the requisite test, protected people from concussions at vastly different rates. Are you selling protection to people or just satisfying their need to think they are protecting themselves or their children?

The study was written about in Study Shows Concussion Risk ‘Dependent on Helmet’. The study can be found in the Journal of Neurosurgery and was titled “Can helmet design reduce the risk of concussion in football?: Technical note”. Simply stated a comparison was made between two helmets manufactured by the same company. Both helmets met all the requirements to be sold and used playing football.

However, one helmet had 54% fewer concussions by the players than the other!

Buying a helmet is not just putting something on a kid’s head and saying it looks good or is “pretty.” As a retailer, you have no legal obligation, but I think a great big ethical obligation to inform parents and purchases that there is a difference in the protection that helmets can provide.

There are helmets that are doing more than just passing the required tests.

Giro has a new helmet for skiing: Combyn™ helmet has a softshell design creating a greater range of hits that can be protected as well as greater over-all coverage for your head.

Lazer is coming out with several models for kids and adults with the MIPS protection system in the helmet. Ski helmets with MIPS will be Mozo DLX and Dissent DLX. Bike helmets with MIPS are P’Nut and Nut’Z kids helmets (available now) and the Beam and Helium (available spring for Beam and later in 2014 for Helium)

Kali Helmets: Kali is coming up with some new ideas in helmet technology that will change the way helmets perform.

MIPS: If you need a helmet for any sport that is not a DOT helmet, get one with MIPS inside. Testing shows it will make a difference.

Do Something

If you are serious about protecting your head, you need to drop the cash necessary to get a good helmet. Find out what each helmet does and which one fits. Don’t worry about what it looks like. A helmet’s job is to keep your head looking the same way, so don’t worry about how you look wearing the helmet. Just be happy to take it off.

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Lazer Sport Press Release – Lazer Sport launches new website for 2012 along with “Love Lazer” Official Helmeteer Contest!

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Use your head!Use your head!
Lazer Sport launches new website for 2012 along with “Love Lazer” Official Helmeteer Contest!423529_10150677220702281_83391132280_9053884_1572300575_n.jpgLazer is proud to announce the launch of our 2012 website! You can find our site at www.lazersport.comAll our products for 2012 including bicycle helmets, snow helmets and eyewear products are represented on our site. Product information and details, product videos as well as Lazer news regarding our company and sponsored teams and athletes can all be found. Check it out!Along with our new website we are excited to announce the Love Lazer Official Helmeteer Contest! One lucky fan of Lazer Sport will win an Official Lazer Helmeteering Package that includes the following:


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The contest starts March 1st and runs through March 31st with the winner to be named on April 16, 2012!

How to enter the “Love Lazer” Contest:

– Check out our new website at: www.lazersport.com

– Look for something on our website that inspires you. A product name, product image, a photo, a phrase, anything!

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– Post the image, or a link, to Twitter. Title the image what inspired you from our website and make sure you include the hashtag #lovelazer. This will assure that we can find your image!

– The contest will run from March 1 to March 31 2012. We will post the best images to our special Tumblr blog located at: http://lovelazer.tumblr.com

– On April 1st we will select the best images from all those posted and then conduct a public vote on those images. Voting will take place April 9 – 13 with the winner announced on April 16 2012!


Images posted, or linked to Twitter, using the hashtag #lovelazer must be original images created by the individual posting or linking to the image. Posting copyrighted images, or images not of your own creation, will result in disqualification from the contest.

By posting your image, or link to your image, using the hashtag #lovelazer you waive your copyrights to this image and allow Lazer to use this image during and following the contest for promotion and marketing purposes.

No purchase is necessary to participate in the contest.

Enter as many times as you like!

See additional rules here.

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