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Lift 1 Chair Lottery for Season Pass Holders

If you haven’t already heard, Loveland’s big summer project will be replacing Lift 1 with a high-speed detachable quad from Leitner-Poma. With this upgrade comes a very special opportunity for Loveland Season Pass holders to purchase one of the old chairs from Lift 1 and take home a little piece of Loveland history.

Due to the high demand and limited quantity, the chairs will be sold through a lottery to 2017/18 and 2018/19 season pass holders only. For complete details on the Lift 1 sale and to enter into the lottery, please visit our Lift 1 Sale page. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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2016-2017 In bound ski/board fatalities

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information is found from web searches and news dispatches. Those references are part of the chart. If you have a source for information on any fatality please leave a comment or contact me. Thank you.

If this information is incorrect or incomplete please let me know.  This is up to date as of March 30, 2017. Thanks.

Skiing and Snowboarding are still safer than being in your kitchen or bathroom. This information is not to scare you away from skiing but to help you understand the risks.

Red type is natural or medical conditions that occurred inbounds on the slopes

Green Type is Fatalities while sledding at the Resort

Blue Type is a Lift Accidents

Purple Type is Employee or Ski Patroller


# Date State Resort Where Trail Difficulty How Cause of death Ski/ Board Age Sex Home town Helmet Reference Ref # 2
1 11/26 CO Keystone Elk Run Intermediate Hit lift tower at high speed   Skier 18 M LA Y http://rec-law.us/2h2ul1Z http://rec-law.us/2gXbKA8
2 12/10 VT Killington Ski Area   Intermediate Found dead   Skier 65 M Lagrangeville, NY   http://rec-law.us/2hml9oW http://rec-law.us/2gHi01C
3 12/11 CA Northstar Village Run Expert (off duty ski instructor) hit several rocks and crashed into a creek avoiding other skier   Skier 35 M Incline Village, NV & Kings Beach Y http://rec-law.us/2hwJAAy http://rec-law.us/2gwnmJQ
4 12/11 NV Alpental Ski area     Tree Well death was asphyxia due to immersion in snow Skier 45 M     http://rec-law.us/2hqZSb9 http://rec-law.us/2hqZSb9
5 12/11 NV Mt. Rose The Chutes   Avalanche in closed run   Skier 60 M     http://rec-law.us/2gHp1iZ http://rec-law.us/2hAAxOP
6 12/12 VT Killington Ski Area         Skier 80 M Wappingers Falls, NY   http://rec-law.us/2hqD3UN  
7 12/19 CO Breckenridge Alpine Alley   Hit a tree accidental blunt force trauma   48 M Longmont CO Y http://rec-law.us/2hckGX4 http://rec-law.us/2ialr2Y
8 12/29 CO Ski Granby Ranch Quick Draw Express lift   Fell out of chair lift traumatic rupture of the aorta and blunt force trauma to the torso Skier 40 F San Antonio, TX   http://rec-law.us/2ixiwhN http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/12/29/mom-dies-daughters-hurt-chairlift/95988502/
9 12/31 UT Snowbasin     Hit tree   Skier 24 M Ogden, UT Y http://rec-law.us/2iV7Qg8 http://rec-law.us/2hQsaKC
10 1/1/17 MI Crystal Mountain Penny Lane Intermediate lost control and veered into a tree crash cracked Delaney’s helmet and caused a serious brain injury Skier 10 F La Grange, IL Y http://rec-law.us/2hSv1pC http://rec-law.us/2hSz19J
11 1/1 OR Mt. Baker     Found slumped over snowmobile     67 M     http://rec-law.us/2iIa5mA  
12 1/7 VT Killington Skyeship Gondola   Found on Floor Fall     M     http://rec-law.us/2iWImP5  
13 1/13 CO Breckenridge   Expert Found by ski patrol Skull Fracture   47 M Longmot, CO N http://rec-law.us/2jZgniK http://rec-law.us/2jkovaw
14 1/16 VT Sugar Bush Mount Ellen   Hit Tree Hampden Skier 39 M Hampden, MA N http://rec-law.us/2jqt6un http://rec-law.us/2jqt6un
15   PA Shawnee Mountain Ski Area     lost control and struck an orange safety fence     15 F Singapore   http://rec-law.us/2jSL1X9 http://rec-law.us/2j38nt0
16 1/14 UT Brighton Ski Resort     hit a tree   Boarder 35 M Millcreek, UT   http://rec-law.us/2jsJevi http://rec-law.us/2jGiFA6
17 1/14 NY Belleayre Mountain Ski Center Wanatuska Trail Expert     Boarding 25 M Centersport, NY   http://rec-law.us/2jDcHlZ http://rec-law.us/2jGKr1J
18 1/24 CA Squaw Valley Gold Coast Ridge   denotation of an explosive charge     42 M Olympic Valley, CA   http://rec-law.us/2jXfW7Y http://rec-law.us/2kqBruQ
19 1/26 WA Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Mill Valley side Expert found the man unresponsive and not breathing     55 M Woodinville, WA   http://rec-law.us/2kBlZQD  
20 1/26 PA Camelback Ski Resort Hump Expert he went off the trail   Boarding 21 M Stroudsburg N http://rec-law.us/2kvWmNF  
21 1/20 died 1/27 UT Snowbasin Resort Bluegrass Terrain Park   He fell hard suffered damage to his vertebrae that extended into the base of his brain Skier   M Ogden, UT   http://rec-law.us/2jD3onj  
22 2/4 WV Snowshoe Mountain     went off the trail   Skier 67 M     http://rec-law.us/2kznvzN http://rec-law.us/2kDUz9W
3 2/5   Cannon Mountain Taft Slalom   lost control     57 F Amherst   http://rec-law.us/2jZ34iW http://rec-law.us/2kvXumu
24 2/6 WA 49 Degrees North ski area     Tree Skiiing falling into a tree well Boarder   M     http://rec-law.us/2lyPijQ http://rec-law.us/2kx9IZY
25 2/8 NY Hunter Mountain Annapurna Trail Expert   lost control and slid about 200 feet before going off the trail and striking several trees Skier 58 M Orange County   http://rec-law.us/2lshaWj http://rec-law.us/2kYw5dN
26 2/10 CO Breckenridge Ski Area   Advanced   severe head trauma   26 M Mexico City, MX Y http://rec-law.us/2lvm4G6 http://rec-law.us/2lIhwJk
27 2/11 VT Killington     collided with a tree   Boarder 26 M Toms River, NJ N http://rec-law.us/2kkXYsm http://rec-law.us/2l41Hiz
28 2/11 CT Mohawk Mountain Ski Area     Collison with another skier   Skier   F     http://rec-law.us/2l5nXbM http://rec-law.us/2l5nXbM
29 2/13 VT Stowe Cliff Trail   trapped in deep snow in a tree well hypothermia Boarder 22 M Needham, M   http://rec-law.us/2lhaAW2 http://rec-law.us/2lhaAW2
30 2/15 CO Winter Park Resort Forget-Me-Not   trapped in deep snow in a tree well     17 F     http://rec-law.us/2llpNoO http://rec-law.us/2llpNoO
31           severe head injury     44 M KS   http://rec-law.us/2l7e906  
32 2/17 OH Snow Trails     tried to avoid a collision with a young girl and man in his path Hit a pole


  59 M Gahanna, OH   http://rec-law.us/2l7f29b http://rec-law.us/2lWb3xL
33 2/22 NH Cranmore Mountain Resort   Intermediate crashed into a tree.     13 M   Y http://rec-law.us/2mUPNWh http://rec-law.us/2n6261d
34 2/23 CA Northstar     Treewell     43 M New Canaan, CN   http://rec-law.us/2moN72Y http://rec-law.us/2mwrsoJ
35 2/25 CO Purgatory Resort Demon Intermediate struck a tree     34 F Farmington, NM Y http://rec-law.us/2lJqrw5 http://rec-law.us/2lK3mb3
36 2/26 ID Sun Valley Can-Can   Tree well     34 M Meridian   http://rec-law.us/2lc9awN http://rec-law.us/2lcoPMP
37 3/3 Me Sugarloaf Skidder trail Double Black Diamond       24 M Farmington N http://rec-law.us/2n3BYEe http://rec-law.us/2n3BYEe
38 3/3 CO Breckenridge Ski Resort     Broke her leg     15 F Wichita, KS N http://rec-law.us/2meE4C0 http://rec-law.us/2lDPKkK
39     Hunter Mountain Racer’s Edge Trail Double Black Diamond went off the trail and struck several trees     20 M Cream Ridge, NJ   http://rec-law.us/2mx7FZo  
40 3/7 CO Eldora Mountain Resort Mule Shoe black diamond crashing into a tree   Boarder 23 M Aurora, CO Y http://rec-law.us/2mlzcg2 http://rec-law.us/2mH5T8F
41 2/19 CO Buttermilk Mountain   Green hit a tree multiple skull fractures and other various serious injuries   20 M OK N http://rec-law.us/2lRwy34 http://rec-law.us/2n5lLSu
42 3/12 NH Mount Sunapee Skyway trail intermediate         M     http://rec-law.us/2ne4xCJ  
  3/7 OR Mt. Hood Meadows Jacks Woods extremely difficult Hit a tree, found in tree well     57 M Dallas TX   http://rec-law.us/2mWPL20 http://rec-law.us/2nzdvrw
  3/24 CO Loveland Ski Area Lift 8   skied directly into a tree   Ski 35 M Georgetown, CO Y http://rec-law.us/2ocO7Ic  
  3/21 CO Wolf Creek Ski Area Summer Days Intermediate lost a ski, and, as a result, began to “tomahawk” internal injuries, including broken ribs and a collapsed lung Ski 56 M FL Y http://rec-law.us/2oy9qDz http://rec-law.us/2oy9qDz


Download a PDF of this chart here. 2016 – 2017 Ski Season Deaths 3.30.17

Our condolences go to the families of the deceased. Our thoughts extend to the families and staff at the ski areas who have to deal with these tragedies.

If you cannot read the entire chart you can download it here.

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April is an awesome month for skiing and also an fantastic time to PARTY FOR A PURPOSE and support the CAIC!

Join the Friends of CAIC at the below events and say “Thank You” to our avalanche forecasters for a season for hard work.

April 11th: Après in the Boat – Steamboat, CO

Featuring: Steamboat’s own – Missed the Boat

Where: Bear River Bar and Grill, Steamboat Ski Area

Tickets: $25 in advance; $30 at the door.

Ticket price includes: Bowl of Chili, 2 drink tickets, 1 door prize tickets, access to great music! Advance tickets available until April 10, 2014.

April 17th: Thank you CAIC! – Edwards, CO

E-Town: 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Hug and thank a forecaster for all their hard work this season. Join us in Edwards, Colorado for a benefit party for the CAIC. We will have a ton of gear to give away, some great food, and fantastic beer. All the money raised will go toward the Friends of CAIC Stay Informed, Stay Alive $150,000 challenge. Jump on board today!

Requested donation: $20 at the door.

April 26th: Loveland Corn Harvest – Loveland Ski Area

Logo of Loveland Ski Area

Join your friends for a fun day of spring skiing, lunch, music, prizes, and refreshments at this year’s Corn Harvest.

Where: Loveland Ski Area

When: April 26, 2014

Tickets: $60 (includes: Lunch, Beer, Lift Ticket, door prize ticket)

$30 – With Season Pass

More information can be found here: http://cornharvest.org/

Also, don’t forget. We are in the middle of our Stay Informed, Stay Alive $150,000 Challenge campaign. We have had tremendous support over the past few weeks. Do your part and donate now! http://www.crowdrise.com/stayinformedstayalive/fundraiser/FriendsofCAIC

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Risk Management is Customer Service

Loveland Ski Area 2013

PowerPoint Presentation given to the Loveland Ski Area Management Team in preparation for the 2013-2014 ski season.

Risk Management is Customer Service

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Colorado Ski Country Gem card is now on sale. Best skiing deal in Colorado

2012/13 Colorado Ski Country USA Gems Card Helps Skiers Save More Money,

Ski More Powder

Now On Sale, 2012/13 Season Gems Card Features New Flash Deals

From left to right: Loveland_Dustin Schaefer, 2012/13 Colorado Gems Card, Arapahoe Basin, Monarch Mountain

Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) today announced that 2012/13 Colorado Gems Cards will feature a new Flash Deal component and are now available for purchase.

The Colorado Gems Card is a discount card for use at the Colorado Gem resorts. It offers deals and discounts that appeal to skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. In addition to the resorts upgraded season-long deals, there is a new component to this year’s Gems Card: Flash Deals. Flash Deals are special promotions and ways to save that are unique to each Gem resort and will be announced last minute throughout the season. CSCUSA will announce Flash Deals in the Gems newsletter, on social media, and on the Gems website www.ColoradoSki.com/gems. Only Colorado Gems Card holders will be able to take advantage of Flash Deals.

For many Gem resort skiers and riders, purchasing the Colorado Gems Card is part of their pre-season ritual as they gather the tools they need to get the most powder for their purchase. The 2012/13 Gems Card can save card holders hundreds of dollars in discounts and deals that can be enjoyed throughout the season. “The Gems Card unlocks a mountain of savings and has become a vital tool for savvy skiers and riders looking to get the most out of their ski season,” explains Melanie Mills, president and CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. “And with this year’s added Flash Deals the potential for savings increases, allowing card holders to get even more value out of visiting their favorite Gems resorts this season.”

Purchasing the Gems Card before the ski season begins allows buyers to take full advantage of the card’s savings throughout the winter. Skiers and riders will get their money’s worth after using the card just one time. Multiple uses that take advantage of deals at the Gems resorts, plus utilizing the Flash Deals offered, could mean savings of thousands of dollars in one ski season. “Our Colorado season is typically one of the first to begin in North America, with a couple of our Gems resorts competing to be the first to open,” said Mills. “And because of the elevations of our ski areas, some of our Gems resorts are the last in the country to close, meaning that Gems Card holders have plenty of time to take advantage of one of the nation’s longest ski seasons.”

English: View of Eldora Mountain Ski Resort Ba...

The $10 Gems Card puts Colorado’s world-renowned skiing within reach for skiers and riders from Colorado and elsewhere around the nation. Some of the discounts Gems Card holders can take advantage of in the 2012/13 season include:

· A free lift ticket at Monarch Mountain

· Two-for-one lift tickets at three different ski areas

· Savings on lift tickets at all eight Gems ski areas

The Colorado Gems program is presented by Icelantic Boards. Gems resorts are: Arapahoe Basin, Eldora Mountain Resort, Loveland Ski Area, Monarch Mountain, Powderhorn Resort, Ski Cooper, Ski Granby Ranch, and Sunlight Mountain Resort.

To purchase a Gems Card, visit www.ShopColoradoSki.com. Cards are available now and will be available throughout the upcoming ski season until they are sold out. They can also be purchased beginning in October at all Colorado Credit Union locations, a proud corporate partner of Colorado Ski Country USA.

CSCUSA PR reminds people to be safe

Colorado Ski Country USA Reminds Skiers & Snowboarders to be Safe on the Slopes

Resorts Emphasize Safe Skiing, Prepare for Busy Holiday


Aspen Highlands, Michael Neumann

DENVER, Colo. – February 17, 2012– Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) and its 22 member resorts remind skiers and snowboarders to practice safe skiing and riding, know and follow Your Responsibility Code, be aware of surroundings and obey terrain closures.

“Guest safety is always the number one priority of our members,” explained Melanie Mills, CSCUSA president and CEO. “President’s Day weekend is a popular time to go skiing, and our resorts are doing absolutely everything they can to make sure guests are safe and have an enjoyable time on the slopes during this busy weekend.”

Individual skier and snowboarder responsibility is the foundation for safe skiing. Loveland Ski Area assistant patrol director and CSCUSA Ski Patroller of the Year, Joey Riefenberg, stresses the importance of being aware of your surroundings, “Skiers and snowboarders need to be proactive about safety, pay attention to who is skiing around you and always look downhill. Go slow and give yourself time to stop. Know that little kids are out and about and need a wide berth, watch where the flows are.”

CSCUSA member resorts across the state are taking extra measures to provide safe skiing environments, including constantly reassessing conditions. “Resorts are working super hard to make sure it’s safe. Everyone is super conscientious of that, and the snowpack,” said Riefenberg. “It’s a funny snowpack this year, really odd, and resorts are on alert, busy knocking all the air out of the snowpack and making sure everything is safe.”

Skiers and snowboarders are also reminded to obey all signage and be especially alert to obeying terrain closures. As snow continues to fall in Ski Country, resorts will open more terrain as conditions safely allow. “We’d love to open everything but things are closed for a reason, because it’s unsafe for you and unsafe for those who have to rescue you,” Riefenberg explained. “Nothing is being saved, we want everyone to have fun, but be safe doing it.”
Ultimately, it is the responsible behavior of skiers and riders that make the slopes safe. Knowing the nationally recognized Your Responsibility Code is crucial to skier and rider responsibility. Referred to simply as The Code, it is comprised of seven principles that collectively outline on-mountain skier etiquette and safe skiing practices.

Responsibilities within The Code include:

Skier carving a turn off piste

Image via Wikipedia

  • Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  • Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  • Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  • Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.

CSCUSA also reminds skiers, snowboarders and other snowsports enthusiasts heading into the backcountry to check with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) on the magnitude and nature of avalanche hazard they may encounter, do not venture out alone, and have proper equipment and education for the conditions. “Backcountry avalanche danger right now is considerable,” states Ethan Greene, director of CAIC. “With the holiday weekend there’s going to be powder snow and nice weather, but don’t be fooled that the hazard is anything less than very serious.”

More information on backcountry conditions can be found at the CAIC website, www.avalanche.state.co.us or by calling 303-499-9650.

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