Amer Alp Club–Zack Martin Call For Grant Applications 2012

The American Alpine Club is pleased to announce a CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for the 2012 ZACK MARTIN BREAKING BARRIERS GRANT. ZMBB grant applications are due, this year, on April 15. Below you will find grant information and the grant application process (at the bottom of the ZMBB Grant page)

A special thanks to Black Diamond and Petzl for supporting this grant through special merchandise deals for the recipients.



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“JP” John Parsons
720-254-6165 cell

The AAC Grants Webpage

Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant Page

The Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant (ZMBB) is a dual-purpose grant fund. The primary objective is humanitarian and the secondary objective is climbing, alpinism and/or exploration in the natural environment. The grantee must meet both objectives and is strongly encouraged to obtain additional funding. The humanitarian objective must be reasonable, and sustainable. Objectives that continue after implementation will receive the highest level of consideration. Focus the objective to affect the greatest human change. The alpine objective should focus on climbing and/or exploration but need not be at the leading edge of climbing or alpinism.
Zack Martin died just before his 25th birthday on Thanksgiving Day 2002. He was a recipient of AAC grants, the Anatoli Boukreev grant and others. Zack was concerned about the general arrogance and self-serving aspirations of climbers and explorers. He committed that on all future expeditions he would not only climb and explore but more importantly he would perform humanitarian service in the local community. He would “break a barrier” in the alpine environment and “break a barrier” in the heart of man. As Zack often said, “The only barrier holding you back is yourself.”

The American Alpine Club Webpage

The Donate To The Zack Martin Fund

American Alpine Club

c/o Donations—The Zack Martin Grant Fund

710 10th St

Suite 100

Golden, CO 80401

Include on check:

Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Fund

(all funds are tax deductible)

To be removed from this mail contact john.p.parsons

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