American Avalanche Association is offering 2 Scholarships to the International Snow Science in Austria



August 20, 2018

A3 is pleased to announce the availability of two scholarships for A3 Members to attend the ISSW this October, 2018 in Innsbruck, Austria. Each scholarship will include conference registration and a $500 stipend to defray travel expenses.


  • One scholarship will be awarded to a student, and the other to a practitioner. Please note that one must apply as either a student or a practitioner, but not both.
  • Interested parties should submit a 250-500 word essay explaining how they would put the scholarship to good use.
  • A3 President John Stimberis will select the winners in consultation with the A3 board.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to either write an article for The Avalanche Review or make a presentation at an A3 supported Snow and Avalanche Workshop. Recipients will be strongly encouraged to provide at least 2 social media posts during the conference.

Dates and Deadlines:

  • Interested parties should submit their essays to Dan Kaveney at dan by August 29, 2018 at 5 PM MDT.
  • Recipients will be notified by September 5, 2018.

Thanks to our major sponsors for making ISSW Sponsorship and this scholarship possible.

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If you work outdoors in the Winter, you should be a member of the American Avalanche Association

Hello James,

This email contains a couple of updates from A3 Pro Training world. If you’d like to know more about hiring a new Pro Training Coordinator and/or this season’s Pro Trainer Workshops then read on…


We’re looking to hire a new Pro Training Coordinator (PTC) this fall. Josh Hirshberg and John Fitzgerald have collaborated to fill this role on an interim basis since last spring, and now it’s time to hire our permanent PTC. This position oversees and coordinates all programmatic aspects of A3’s Professional Avalanche Training Program. Accepting applications through October 31st. Ideal starting date in early December. If you or someone you know might be interested, check out/forward along the position description…

Pro Training Coordinator PD.pdf


Pro Trainer Workshops are for instructors who plan to lead professional avalanche courses for a Pro Course Provider as part of the A3 Pro Training Program. Enrollment priority is based on qualifications and affiliation with Pro Course Providers. These three-day workshops run by A3 focus on familiarization with Pro Training Course format, details, and evaluation standards.

This season’s workshops:

December 15-17, 2017 at Alta Ski Area, UT

April 6-8, 2018 at Mt Rose, NV

Workshop applications are due by October 31. Enrollment decisions made by mid-November. Workshop tuition is $400(Pro1)/ $500(Pro1&2). After initial enrollment period, any remaining workshop spots will be filled on a rolling basis from a prioritized wait list.

You will be asked for references, education, work history, documentation, and samples of writing. Please have materials ready to upload prior to starting the application. You will be asked to demonstrate that you meet or exceed the qualifications for Lead Trainers outlined in the Structure and Oversight document (found on A3 website Pro Training page). Here is a link to the application:

Please direct Pro Training questions to


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Teton Valley’s Tin Cup Challenge and support the American Avalanche

Summer is here in the Tetons! While there is still some snow to be enjoyed up in the mountains, the valleys are green and lush with runoff from prolific snowfall during the 2016/17 winter. I hope you’re enjoying some summery weather wherever you are as well.


TinCupChallenge_Color-10.pngThis summer the AAA is participating in Teton Valley’s Tin Cup Challenge. This innovative philanthropic program hosted by the Community Foundation of Teton Valley (CFTV) supports nonprofit organizations in Teton Valley, Idaho. As a nonprofit organization based in Victor, Idaho, we are excited to join our local community in participating for the first time ever this summer!

During a 9-week charitable giving period, donors can give to the AAA through the Tin Cup Challenge ( At the end of the giving period CFTV will pass along all funds raised for the AAA, plus a matching grant based upon how much has been donated to the AAA through Tin Cup (typically about another 50% of total funds raised for the AAA, i.e. if the AAA raises $1,000 through Tin Cup, we receive ~$1,500!).

In addition to the charitable giving period, the Community Foundation hosts a Tin Cup Challenge Event Day with a variety of fun and competitive runs and walks to celebrate engagement with and support of Teton Valley nonprofit organizations. Yes, I will be running this summer… and if you’re around Teton Valley on Saturday, July 15th you should come join the festivities too.


James, we are asking you to support the AAA through the Tin Cup Challenge this summer. Why, you ask?? This is an opportunity to support an organization you believe in and make your donation go ~50% further. The AAA has accomplished some great things in recent years:

· Developing and launching the new AAA Pro Training Program in the US for greater consistency in professional level avalanche training.

· Publishing a new volume of The Snowy Torrents – the first new volume of this valuable series in twenty years!

· Completing a new revision to Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observation Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States (SWAG).

· Supporting regional snow and avalanche workshops through the AAA Pro Development Workshop Grant program – thirteen events with attendees from at least fifteen states and Canada during the 2016/17 season.

· Funding snow and avalanche research by graduate students and practitioners.

· Refreshing the look and feel of The Avalanche Review so that its exterior mirrors the professional, high quality content you find in each and every issue four times per winter.

· Maintaining and continuing to evolve to connect the public to avalanche forecasts, education, and resources in the United States.

And we want to keep doing more for avalanche professionals and the entire avalanche industry! All donations to the AAA through the Tin Cup Challenge will go directly to supporting AAA operations that have made the above accomplishments happen. To be a part of the Tin Cup Challenge, you must contribute by 5pm (MDT) on July 21st.

DONATE ONLINE by clicking on the “Give Online” link at and selecting American Avalanche Association as the recipient of your donation (you can support countless other Teton Valley nonprofits through one convenient checkout here too). Your donation will only count towards the AAA’s Tin Cup matching grant if it is made directly through the Community Foundation of Teton Valley.

We need and value your support. Please help us continue to provide programs and services that benefit avalanche professionals and the avalanche industry in the United States.



Jaime Musnicki, Executive Director


P.O. Box 248 * Victor, Idaho 83455 * Phone: (307) 699- 2049

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