Storm Over Everest

David Breashears has created a stirring and thought provoking movie in Storm over Everest. I saw the movie last year at the Telluride MountainFilm

David Breashears

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Festival. The premise of the story is people who survived the 1996 Everest storms. David went back and interviewed the survivors, all but one I believe, from the 1996 Everest mess. (I am hesitant to call any wilderness high altitude death a disaster, it is simply what the mountain, weather, time and luck create). The recollections and thoughts about what happened ten years later are thought provoking, scary, exhilarating and very interesting.

For more information about the film see PBS Frontline Storm Over Everest which is scheduled to premiere May 13, 2008.

What struck me though was the attitude of the people ten years later. Some of them are still a little dumb founded they were not rescued by their guides. It is not overt statements by the survivors, but subtle statements that show a little confusion or mystery in the participants mind.

If you are an outfitter or guide, you might want to watch to see how your participants may look at you for their safety.

Either way, the movie answers a lot of questions about that chapter of Everest’s history and is truly worth seeing.

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