Win Four Tickets to the Pro Challenge Stage of Your Choice: Enter the National Poster Contest by April 18th

Every stage is a story - Aspen, Crested Butte - Gunnison - Monarch Mountain - Colorado Springs - Woodland Park - Breckenridge - Vail - Boulder - Denver
April 8 2014
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Win Four Tickets to the Pro Challenge Stage of Your Choice: Enter the National Poster Contest by April 18th
The 2014 USA Pro Challenge is again hosting a nationwide contest inviting artists to create a national event poster for the fourth annual race that will be seen throughout the world. All types of artists – professional, amateur, aspiring – are encouraged to let their creativity flow and submit their designs via the USA Pro Challenge Facebook page. Entries will be accepted until Friday, April 18, fans can then vote on their favorite poster through May 2, with the winners being announced on Monday, May 5.Once entries are submitted, the race’s thousands of loyal Facebook fans will have a chance to cast their votes for the ten best national posters. From there, the Pro Challenge team will select the winner. The winner will receive four passes to the VIP hospitality tent in the city of their choice, in addition to having his/her poster produced and sold to fans both online and onsite during the race August 18-24.Read More
Poster Contest
2014 host cities
Merch of the Month
See the 2014 Host Cities
A new group of Americans are making waves on the world stage.When Tejay van Garderen pulled off an improbable double last year, winning both the USA Pro Challenge and Amgen Tour of California, it was, in essence a statement of the changing of the guard.Read More
Pro Challenge Host City Highlight: Crested Butte
Crested Butte
A historic coal mining turned ski town; Crested Butte is a place that lives and breathes outdoor adventure where the only limits are your own. An authentic destination, where crowds don’t exist, zany, festive community events are a priority, and genuine family adventure awaits. In between the winter months where skiing is abundant and the activity of choice, comes a summer season in
Crested Butte that rivals the beauty of any mountain town.Read More
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Celebrate National Park Week

National Park Foundation
Give Now
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Help Support Your National Parks
Celebrate National Park WeekIt’s April and National Park Week (April 19-27) is almost here! This is our country’s biggest celebration of national parks.

As you know, there is no better time to help your national parks.

Your gift will help support America’s majestic and historic national parks like Crater Lake National Park and Harpers Ferry National Historic Park.

Together, we can:

Protect: Protect America’s treasured places through grants that restore our land, save our history and preserve our shared story as a nation.
Connect: Connect Americans to their national parks, helping them enjoy the outdoors and live active, healthier lives. With support from friends like you, we are restoring hundreds of miles of walking, biking and hiking trails and waterways.
Inspire: Together, we will foster the next generation of park stewards, providing unrivaled experiences that educate and inspire our country’s youth, propelling a lifelong love and appreciation for the national parks cause.
Support Your Parks

Your gift
will help ensure that future generations of park lovers can experience the history and culture of these treasured places.
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I know that, with your help, we can make a lasting difference so America’s national parks may be experienced for generations to come.

With thanks,

Neil J. Mulholland Signature of Neil J. Mulholland
Neil Mulholland
President & CEO, National Park Foundation
Best in America
National Park Foundation1201 Eye Street, NW, Suite 550B | Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 354-6460(202) 354-6460 | Fax: (202) 371-2066 | ask-npf


Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals is proud to present the 2014 National Outdoor Recreation Conference


“Thriving in a New Economic Reality”

The early bird deadline is April 18 – register now and save

The Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals is proud to present the 2014 National Outdoor Recreation Conference. This year we are featuring presentations that demonstrate how you are adapting and thriving in our new economic reality. You will learn about innovative partnerships, diversifying funding sources, use of technology to streamline, entrepreneurial solutions, adaptive reuse of aging facilities, cultivating political and community support, and other case studies that present new ideas and tools to succeed in today’s economic reality.

Session Spotlight

Communicating with our many stakeholders is an important but sometimes challenging task of a successful outdoor recreation project. Learn from several SORP members and their colleagues about the different approaches they’ve taken in listening and learning from their stakeholders.

Benchmarking: The Art of Talking to People on Benches in an Effort to Keep Them Happy

Intercept surveys are an incredibly useful tool for gaining a solid understanding of existing park user’s perspectives and desires as well as understanding who your agency is currently serving. Intercept surveys generate the type of information professionals crave when developing system plans, master plans, and project plans.

However, this level of outreach can be awkward (walking up to strangers and asking for all kinds of personal information – yikes!!!) and intimidating (resources, bias, data entry/analysis…where do you start???). And what do you do with the information once you have it?

This presentation will walk you through parallel studies conducted in 2008 and 2013 across a system of 19 park units encompassing 27,000+ acres whose annual visitation exceeds 5 million and discuss how to share and use the survey findings to guide thoughtful decisions and long-term plans. Join SORP members Thomas Mercier, Research & Evaluation Coordinator and Kelly Grissman, Director of Planning, Three Rivers Park District to hear about examples that will provide insight on the realistic expectations of the resources required and project outcomes.

A Road Runs Through It

Park planning can be greatly affected by past history. Strong and independent pioneers settled the Ozarks in the mid-1800s. A hardscrabble existence fraught with peril refined the Ozark character. Today, some descendants are thriving and others continue to get by in a beautiful and unforgiving landscape. For all, their ties to the land remain strong and independent, helping further shape today’s Ozark culture. At Current River State Park, local perspectives have been shaped by experiences with the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Not all of the experiences have been regarded as positive by the populace. The long-festering cultural clash came to a head when local authorities unilaterally pushed a road into the new state park. Join SORP member Bill Bryan, Director of Missouri State Parks, and learn how Missouri reconciled with park neighbors to move forward with the new park even though A Road Runs Through It.

Building Your Plan for Community Engagement and Outreach

The East Bay Regional Park District is comprised of over 113,000 acres in 65 parks and over 1,200 miles of trails within Alameda and Contra Costa County in California. The district, serving the Bay Area for 80 years, is dedicated to improving access to and use of the parks by members of groups that are underrepresented, such as persons with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged and elderly park visitors.

In early 2011, the district opened the Tidewater Boating Center which was funded by State Prop 40 monies to provide outdoor recreational opportunities to under-resourced populations. Through successful partnerships with low-income schools, cities and local non-profit organizations, the district has been able to increase access and awareness of outdoor recreation programs and services in the regional parks. Join SORP member Anne Kassebaum, and her colleagues from the East Bay Regional Park District as you learn how to develop strategies to successfully engage under-resourced populations, develop deep engagement experiences for youth and families in the outdoors and how to utilize community mapping to develop strategic partnerships for engagement and outreach.

Seeking public input through online surveys for resource management planning

Public input is an important factor when preparing a state park Resource Management Plan (RMP), the purpose of which is to document management responsibilities for balancing the use of water and land resources related to recreation. With the growing public demand for outdoor recreation, it is critical to take the public’s interests into consideration. Survey participants were obtained from various sources including Facebook, cabin and campground reservation, golf course membership, and state park friend groups. The SERVQUAL (Service quality survey) was modified to assess park visitors’ desired and perceived service quality for the Oklahoma State Park system. The results provide managers and decision-makers valuable long-term direction and guidelines for effective and efficient management of natural resources. The presentation focuses on the process of obtaining survey participants and developing the survey instrument. You won’t want to miss this session from SORP members Stella Liu and Nicky Wu from Oklahoma State University.

Join the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals for their 2014 National Outdoor Recreation Conference May 13-16 in San Francisco, California. Outdoor recreation professionals from local, special district, state, and federal agencies; private sector firms and consultants; university faculty and students; and non-profit organizations gather annually to share success stories, collaborate on challenging situations, and strategize new solutions.

Visit to learn more, download a preliminary program and register for the 2014 National Outdoor Recreation Conference.

Early bird rates are available through April 18. Register now to save $100 or more on your registration.

Brenda Adams-Weyant
Association Manager
Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals
PO Box 221
Marienville, PA 16239
(814) 927-8212(814) 927-8212
(814) 927-6659 FAX

Life is a sexually transmitted disease that is always fatal.

Life is what happens while you are waiting to get organized.


There was a very cautious man

Who never laughed or played.

He never risked, he never tried,

He never sang or prayed.


And when he one day passed away

His insurance was denied.

For since he never really lived,

They claimed he never died!


From The Risk Homeostasis  and Risk Compensation Resource Centre

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Stuff Happens People need to know that!

What more do you have to say?


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If you throw a throwbag incorrectly (yes there is now a right way and wrong way) that can be used to sue you. It used to be the correct way was the swimmer got the rope; incorrect way swimmer missed the rope.

Yo! Raft guides, ever been sued? New ASTM standard will now make that possible!

Well meaning, hardworking volunteers have no idea how they are helping to create lawsuits but here is the perfect example.

ASTM F1730 – 96(2014)

Standard Guide for Throwing a Water Rescue Throwbag

Active Standard ASTM F1730 | Developed by Subcommittee: F32.02

Book of Standards Volume:13.02

Here is how this standard is explained.

Significance and Use

3.1 This guide establishes a recommended procedure for a throwing rescue to ensure the safety of all water rescuers who may be involved in rescue techniques at a water rescue emergency.

3.2 This water rescue technique can be utilized from land, boat, or any stable platform.

3.3 All persons who are identified as water rescuers shall meet the requirements of this guide.

3.4 This guide is intended to assist government agencies, state, local, and regional organizations; fire departments; rescue teams and others who are responsible for establishing a minimum performance for personnel who respond to water emergencies.

3.5 The procedure outlined in the document may vary with the number and type of victims, and water conditions.

1. Scope

1.1 This guide covers the recommended procedures for throwing a water rescue throwbag.

1.2 This guide is one in a series of water rescue techniques for the water rescuer.

1.3 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Does this apply to raft guides? I would say yes.

Is a raft guide a “water rescuer” who may be involved in rescue techniques at a water rescue emergency.” If so you have to meet the requirements of this guide.

Do you know the name of a group of people who meet this definition? “…others who are responsible for establishing a minimum performance for personnel….” They are called a jury.

Let’s see how this is a messed up idea.

You were a high school quarterback with a good arm. You can throw a throwbag just like a football with great accuracy.

You are right-handed and standing on shore next to a rock wall. There is not room to throw the throwbag underhanded.

You are on a 12’ raft in the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. Does the definition of 3.2, which describes a boat as stable apply to you? Since your boat is not stable should you knot use your throwbag? Are you allowed to throw any way you can, if you are not stable?

Seriously, why is someone writing these things? Can’t they see how broadly this is written and how much damage it will do?

Look, someone is in the river it doesn’t matter if you are throwing the bag backwards, blindfolded standing on one leg in a pink tutu. If you get the rope to the swimmer, that was the correct way!!!


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A climbing wall or a rope’s course are structures. The components already have ASTM standards the sole issue is whether or not they were put together properly.

Operations need special reviews, but the structure is nothing that different from the building it is in or close too.

I’m always asked to recommend a person to check out a ropes course or a climbing wall. These people are looking for someone who may be self-appointed, maybe knowledgeable, (or maybe not) a person who makes a living check these.

I rarely refer them to someone with that title in the industry. I first ask them if a local contractor or engineer as ever looked at their course.

The structures have a different purpose than the carpenter or engineers are used to, but the construction should not be.

We keep forgetting that climbing walls and rope’s courses are just structures no different from a building.  Each of the components has an ASTM standard. An Engineer or contractor can check to see if it was constructed properly and what needs to be done to get it up to speed.

We forget that the foundation of any building or anything attacked to the building is engineering.

By whom and how often should you have your course inspected?

Any time you feel insecure about your course or wall or your insurance company requires it.

Who should inspect your course or wall?

An engineer or contract should inspect your course at least every couple of years or as the engineer or contractor tells you. You can bring in someone with the industry credentials in the other years or with them. You can have someone come in and look at your operation anytime.

I tell my clients to find another operator and trade days. Go check out their course on one day and have them check out your course on another day. That will spot issues you may have, and you probably will learn some new ideas. No use having “inspectors” only who knows new ways of doing things.

I would suspect that if you are part of a larger organization, a college, university or camp that the company or college engineer will tell you when and how often they want the structure inspected.

A bolt is a bolt, whether it holds up a wall or a climbing wall.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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